FieldPress is a WordPress plugin that we developed at the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia as part of the flexible learning project and open geography initiative.  
When you install it on a WordPress website it creates a full-featured field trip management platform that allows instructors to manage student assessments, present multimedia content for each stop, and manage student collaboration. It is still in beta but we have decided to make official releases of the plugin available to the public below. We invite collaboration as this plugin an open educational resource - licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.  

FieldPress Official Plugin Releases 

The links below are zip files. You can upload the zip files to the plugin repository on your WordPress website.

Demo Website

You can interact with an installation of FieldPress here 

Currently you can only access field trips as a student. To see the administrative dashboard, you need to install the plugin on your own WordPress website.   

Additional Support and Information

Please visit us at   

User Manual

This is a direct link to the current user manual: